judith falk

Judith Falk-Mazák, founder and managing director of Falk Art Consult GmbH, was born in Vienna, Austria, and raised primarily in Switzerland, her country of residence since years. Ms. Falk-Mazák studied Art History, Classic Archeology and Swiss Folklore at the University of Zürich. Her Master’s research thesis focused on “The Carpenters and Cabinet Makers of Beromünster [Swiss Canton of Lucerne] in the 17th and 18th Centuries”, in which she unearthed a substantial, previously dormant treasure of general and art historical facts emanating from various archives as well as private and public collections, ultimately documenting the development of the handcrafted jewels by virtue of various well-maintained originals. Even today, she enjoys the benefit of regular, close contacts to the Haus zum Dolder in Beromünster, as evidenced by her involvement in writing and editing the publication gewohnt and for which she led special guided tours. (www.hauszumdolder.ch)

Subsequent to the successful completion of her studies, she received intensive practical experience in the course of five years as an employee of the Auction House Galerie Koller AG in Zürich. In addition to her special area of handcrafts, she obtained profound knowledge of further areas of art commerce. During the past two years, together with the antiquarian bookseller Friedrich Falk, she established and expanded the company’s book auction division. The latter had previously managed the renowned antiquarian bookshop of the European office of Kraus-Thomson, the company of the legendary American publisher and antiquarian bookseller H.P. Kraus, in Nendeln in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

With her major first step to self-employment, Ms. Falk-Mazák established her own literary and graphic arts antiquarian business, whose domicile was originally situated in the Kirchgasse of Zürich’s picturesque Old Town, and the location proved to be a true magnet for collectors, museum experts and connoisseurs of art and literature. This business soon flourished and developed into the Book and Art Auction House, situated on the noble "Top of Zürich", the "Zürichberg", encompassing the continual exhibition of books, graphics arts, paintings and selected handcrafts. Furthermore, Ms. Falk-Mazák also serves here as a freelance expert in the divisions Old Masters to Modern Graphics, Paintings and Artistic handcrafts and she is pleased to participate in the cataloging of rare old literary works. (www.falkauktionen.ch)

Since her youth, Ms. Falk-Mazák delves deeply into the creations of the Vienna Workshops Werkstätten Hagenauer Wien, WHW, of her great-grandfather Carl (1872 - 1928), but particularly of her grandfather Karl (1898 - 1956) and her great-uncle Franz (1906 - 1986). The WHW creations involve objects of utility as well as sculptures in the tradition of the Viennese metal-working arts and crafts. These valuable items are deliberately not ornately decorated, however, and the concentration is on functionality and a puristic form language intimately related to the respective material. “[An] excellent design quality and a perfect craftsmanship made the Hagenauer objects so unique. There was no comparable workshop for this form of arts and crafts worldwide.” (Philippe Perroud, 2010).